U.S. Studies Online: “Emily Dickinson and the Nineteenth-Century Women Poets: The Poetics and Politics of Reticence” (5 December 2016). U.S. Studies Online is the website for the British Association for American Studies

American Poetry Review: “The Poetics of Sanity” on Jane Cooper’s poetry (Spring 2016). The essay also appears in the book on Jane Cooper edited by Celia Bland and Martha Collins A Radiance of Attention (University of Michigan Press, 2019).

The Lehrhaus: “Bilam, God, and the Silent and Slanted Spaces” (6 July 2017)

Tilted Arc: Essay on the poetry of Mark Strand

Where Do You Look For Me: The Afterlife in the Poems of Jean Valentine can be found in This World Company: Collected Essays on the Work of Jean Valentine (University of Michigan Press 2012)

Here is her Letter from London blog for Poetry International

Read Eve’s essays on the blog for The Best American Poetry (2011): The Poet’s Trance, The Imagination is the Body of God, Truth and Beauty vs. The Dominating I, Reach Into Your Pocket, A Word that Contains its Opposite, and Oversound

Eve Grubin’s essay “After Eden: The Veil as a Conduit to the Internal” appeared in The Veil: Women Writers on Its History, Lore, and Politics (University of California Press 2009)

Her essay The Modest Nude was published in the Trustman Art Gallery Catalog

More essays and her interviews with poets such as Gerald Stern, Fanny Howe, Shirley Kaufman, and Jean Valentine can be found in various publications including Crossroads: The Journal of the Poetry Society of America, The ForwardLyric Poetry Review,, National Foundation for Jewish Culture Literary Supplement, Smith College Quarterly Magazine, and the Virginia Quarterly Review

[photo by Marion Ettlinger]